Italian music market grows by 14.2% in the first six months of 2023

Subscription streaming segment marks 18.2% growth

Vinyl and CD also grow, driving the physical segment up to +9.4%

The evaluation for the first six months of the year for the recorded music market in Italy is undoubtedly positive: it marks an overall growth of 14.2%, with over 175 million euros revenues (Deloitte data for FIMI).

Streaming dominates the Italian scenario, reaching 139 million for an overall growth of 16%, with the subscription segment alone marking +18.2%. Revenues from the ad-supported audio range also rose, up by 22.9%, while there was a slight decrease for revenues from video streaming equal to -0.5%.

Overall, digital today represents 84% of the market, in line with the results of 2022.

Positive sign is registered also for the physical sector, which covers a market share of 16% and which closes the semester at +9.4%: the vinyl segment dominates, growing by 14.3% and with a trend reversal for the CD also up by 5.3%.

The impact of the Italian 18app Culture Bonus, which at the end of June had generated over 8 million euros, should be noted - especially for this segment.

The first half of the year also confirms the dominance of the Italian repertoire, with the top ten Albums and Singles guided by Italian titles.



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