AT THE CENTER OF THE WEEK MUSIC BUSINESS PANELS from the future of music to social responsibility AND MEETINGS WITH ARTISTS double compared to previous years:


The sixth edition of the MILANO MUSIC WEEK will be held from 21st to 27th November in Milan, an event in which the Italian music industry finds itself creating new connections, in which fans can get to know their idols more closely and in which the public, which comes from all over the country, immerses himself in the world of entertainment. 

For the first time the Milan Music Week is enriched by the special curation of an artist, or rather two: COLAPESCE and DIMARTINO!

Together with the artistic director Nur Al Habash, the duo worked on some appointments of the Official Program which includes the panels on the music business MUSIC TALK and the MEETINGS WITH THE MOST FAMOUS ARTISTS from Italian music. They curated some panels of the Music Talks and the closing event of the Milan Music Week to be held on Sunday 27 November in Santeria (Viale Toscana, 31) with the concert of the supergroup "Les Amazones D'Afrique", the African musical collective female-only. In addition to being the faces of the event, Colapesce and Dimartino will meet the public and perform in an acoustic showcase, also on Sunday, at the UniCredit headquarters in Piazza Gae Aulenti, the main sponsor of this edition.

Milano Music Week 2022 is promoted and strongly supported by the Municipality of Milan - Department of Culture, ASSOMUSICA, FIMIItalian Music Industry Federation, NUOVO IMAIENew Mutual Institute for the protection of Artists, Performers and Performers and SIAEItalian Society of Authors and Publishers.

Milan Music Week unites the main players in the supply chain- artists, authors, record companies, publishers, training centers, promoters, music associations, operators, technicians - focusing on current issues and future scenarios, not only in Music Talks and in meetings with artists, but also bringing together many live shows, DJ sets, workshops, talks and special events in one week.

During the week there will be training and in-depth moments offered by the Milan Music Week. For the first time this year, Milan Music Week arrives with FIMI in high schoolswith 4 multi-themed seminars on the music industry that will be held at the Schiaparelli-Gramsci Scholastic Institute in Milan.

Giuseppe Sala, Mayor: «Milan Music Week is a major appointment in the schedule of Milanese appointments that has the merit of knowing how to renew itself from year to year. The strength of this event is based on celebrating the musical supply chain in all its entirety: it is not a question of enhancing only performers and musicians, who give face, voice and melody to the songs we love most, thanks to Milano Music Week, again this year we will all have the opportunity to learn more about the world of the music industry through moments of debate and reflections across the board».

Tommaso Sacchi, Councilor for Culture: "Music is an expression of emotion, thought and beauty, but in order to be shared it is necessary that the entire supply chain that supports the journey from its creation to its use, from production to diffusion, is activated and functions going through new technologies, attention to sustainability, law and rights, communication and the representation of changes in society, close to us or far away in the world. Milan Music Week embraces all aspects of the musical universe, creating greater awareness in those who listen to music and greater knowledge in those who, on the other hand, already work in their world ".

The Official Program is enriched by the Off collateral events, a rich calendar that collects the events of the week throughout the city of Milan related to the world of music.

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