Italian music consumption abroad data presented today at the 'The Galaxy of Digital Creativity' conference by the Italian Ministry of Culture

After Sanremo Festival, songs from the contest brilliantly performed around the world

More than €26 million in revenues from the export of Italian music in 2023, for a total growth from royalties that marks +20% compared to 2022: these are the Deloitte data for FIMI - presented today at the conference 'The Galaxy of Digital Creativity' by the Ministry of Culture - which photograph another year of great successes of Italian music.

The 2023 results celebrate a rising path in Italian music consumption at a global level that began in 2020: in just 4 years the amount of revenues increased by more than €15 million, for a significant growth of 130% compared to the year of the pandemic.



This growth is driven by digital revenues (up by 11%, reaching almost €21 million): this can be seen from the streaming listeners of Sanremo songs, which are leading the global charts of audio platforms and videos with extraordinary successes. On Spotify the "Sanremo 2024" playlist achieved record numbers and became - for the first time ever - the first one in the world for ratings and listeners: it is a record that was not limited to just the day of launch but it also extended to the entire week of the Festival, generating a 10% increase in listening to Italian music on the platform compared to 2023. An example of this penetration of the Italian repertoire is provided by the 'Top Songs Debut Global' (9-11 February) of the platform, in which 7 out of 10 Sanremo songs stood out.

And it is also a first for YouTube, which in its 'Global Charts' during the week of the Festival recorded the debut of 5 Sanremo videoclips in the Top 100.

Revenues from foreign royalties also grow on physical products, which mark +130% compared to 2022 for a total of €1.5 million euros, synchronizations (+124%) and performance rights (+11%).

"These great results testify the strong investment plan in the local repertoire by the record companies, which has been enhanced by the digital innovation and has become an important generational turnover capable of exporting with ever greater authoritativeness of Italian music in the world" says Enzo Mazza, FIMI CEO.

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