SIRIO by Lazza is the best-selling album, BRIVIDI by Mahmood & Blanco the best-selling single

For the third consecutive year the Top Ten Album is entirely domestic

For the first time, FIMI assigns an NFT award to the Artist of the Year

After 18 weeks at the top of the Top of The Music charts, Sirio di Lazza is the best-selling album of 2022 according to the annual Top Of The Music by FIMI/GfK sales charts: the work of the young Italian artist stands out in a top ten Album & Compilation (which includes both physical and digital sales and premium streaming) once again completely in Italian, as well as the Single chart (download and premium streaming), which is led by Brividi by the winning couple of Sanremo 2022 Mahmood & Blanco.

For the third year in a row the top ten Album are in fact fully dominated by the local repertoire, a record that is set for the second year in a row for the top ten Single, in a trend that is increasingly rooted and enhanced above all by streaming consumption.

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"The success of Italian music, the strong affirmation of a new generation of artists who represents the great change that has taken place in the sector, is also the result of the heavy investments of the recording industry made over the years, even during the difficult phase of the pandemic" has commented the CEO of FIMI, Enzo Mazza.
“In the last ten years, the average age of the artists in the top ten has dropped by 35%, highlighting a generational turnover that no other cultural sector has been able to guarantee in our country” concluded Mazza.



For the first time ever, FIMI enters web 3.0 by exploiting blockchain technology and assigning, in conjunction with the usual physical award, a prize in NFT format to the best-selling artist of the year: the physical award will remain in contact with its NFT consideration via an NFC tag which uniquely refers to the 3D representation hosted in the FIMI wallet, available here – with all info about the operation. For the occasion, FIMI has registered the Web3 domain FIMI-awards.nft, associating it with its wallet (link to profile on Unstoppable Domains)
The operation was conducted through the technical partner Brots and the technical supervision of DcP – Digital Content Protection, the company – born from the experience of the Federation against Musical and Multimedia Piracy – which offers high-tech services for copyright, trademarks and personal rights protection.

In terms of certifications, 2022 closes with a total of 267 Albums, 2 Compilations and 325 Singles certified between gold, platinum and multi-platinum, for a total number of 594 titles: a delightful result fueled by the investments of the labels in artists and new music.

With regard to streaming volumes (free + premium), in 2022 no less than 558 albums (+79 compared to the previous year) exceeded the fateful threshold of 10 million streams: they belong to a total of 336 artists (+34 compared to 2021). This is a surprising difference compared to the results of the previous decade: in 2012 only 137 albums (corresponding to 92 artists) had in fact exceeded the equivalent threshold of 10,000 copies sold (physical + download). On the other hand, in 2022 premium streaming saw its volumes grow by 23%.

The annual Top Of The Music FIMI/GfK chart is the only one to provide a complete result for the whole year in physical, download and premium streaming channels in the Italian market and covers the period from December 31st 2021 to December 29th 2022.

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